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One Man One Tree

November 20th, 2017

Government through Regulation of the Minister of Industry No. 35 of 2010 on Technical Guideline of Industrial Area instructed the entire industry to create green open land at least 10% of the industrial area. As a follow up of the regulation, PT KNSS is committed to gradually greening the company, and the initiation of the activities is done through One Man One Tree event that we are doing today.

One Man One Tree is not only a fulfilment of the company's obligations to government regulations, but also as the company's responsibility to improve the quality of the surrounding environment. There are 300 trees to be planted in this event include raintree (trembesi), mahogany, kencana, saga, ketapang kencana, mango, longan, and rainbow eucalyptus. The tree can be the company's greenbelt in reducing noise and lowering the levels of some pollutants generated from plant activities. In addition, this green area is expected to be a comfortable space for employees of PT KNSS, so as to increase employee’s productivity in work.